• The only care this skin requires is cleaning it twice a day with a mild baby soap and water and toned with something mild, like rose water. • At night, to keep your skin's normal moisture- balance apply a thin film of home-made moisturizer. • Any time your skin becomes slightly oily or slightly dry in any area correct these tendencies by following the advice given regarding these types of skin. • Follow every cleansing with a mild freshener to keep pores tight and to remove traces of cleanser clinging to the skin. Use an astringent with low alcohol content. • Avoid direct heat on the face-including that from blow dryers. • Always use a mild, oil-based moisturizer under makeup to help retain surface moisture. • Guard against the drying, aging effects of the sun by using makeup products that contain a sunscreen. • Once every two weeks, stimulate the circulation and smooth the surface of the skin by using a nondrying mask.    

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